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History of Old Orchard Beach

Located along the Atlantic coast in southern Maine, the town of Old Orchard Beach has records dating back to the mid seventeenth century. Once a bussling vacation destination for New England's wealthiest families, the current town more closely demonstrated a small-town and family-friendly atmosphere for travelers of all demographics. Such a change came about when, in 1907, a massive fire destroyed most of the town, including 17 large hotels.

The rebuilt town, much as it is today, featured an emphasis on old-time amusement park entertainment. Over time, this coastal community became a seasonal retreat for blue-collar tourists as B-grade motels and bars took over the downtown area.

City government, seeking to return the family-friendlyness of thier beaches, banned the public consumption of alchohol in the lat 1970s and, in the late 1980s, began investing in the town's infrastructure. One such project included the third rebuilding of the downtown Pier, a popular tourist and business center that reaches out into the Atlantic ocean over 700 feet.

Community beautification efforts such as the installation of brick sidewalks and public parking bans have helped to create an old-world Victorian charm in this sandy Maine paradise.

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